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Look and Find: Disney Villains



Product Details:

Age Group: 5+

Number of Pages: 20 pages

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Publications International

Publishing Date: January, 20 2009


Look and Find: Disney Villains traces Disney s most dastardly villains on a fun-filled adventure through eight classic Disney tales. School-age children can search through eight colorful, busy scenes to find dozens of hidden objects. From the Queen s dank dungeon to Cruella De Vil s decrepit digs, Look and Find: Disney Villains is bursting with characters children love to cheer against.

Children will develop their powers of observation with this beautifully illustrated picture book, which is part of the popular Look and Find series. Look and Find: Disney Villains prompts children to:
Hit the decks to search for prized pirate possessions as Peter Pan battles Captain Hook
Search the Queen s dungeon for potions and poisons before she can use them against Snow White
Help Simba and Nala escape from the elephant graveyard maze before Scar attacks
Rescue Belle from Gaston s affections by finding him a few friends of his own
Search Prince Ali s parade to stop Jafar s wicked plan for Jasmine
Spot the puppies in Cruella De Vil s decrepit mansion before it s too late
Capture Ursula s potion bottles to rescue Ariel from the wicked sea witch
Protect the guests at Aurora s party against the evil fairy Maleficent

Each vividly drawn scene shows eight find em items for the child to seek out. A section at the back of the book suggests dozens more fun challenges. This book has a sturdy hardcover binding that stands up to repeated use, which means that children can search these pictures again and again.

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